The 2015 AMMCS-CAIMS Congress

Interdisciplinary AMMCS Conference Series

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada | June 7-12, 2015

Call for Abstracts and MS Proposals

The Congress has a series of special sessions and minisymposia, each devoted to a single topic. These special sessions and minisymposia are run over a full range of topics of the conference.

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  1. SS-AAIP Inverse Problems
    Kim Herder and Herb Kunze (University of Guelph), Davide La Torre (Khalifa University, UAE, and University of Milan, Italy)
  2. SS-CMPMC Computational Methods in Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry
    Styliani Consta (Western University)
  3. SS-CNT Computational Number Theory
    Chester Weatherby (WLU, Waterloo), Kevin Hare (U of Waterloo), Renate Scheidler (University of Calgary)
  4. SS-CP Computational Physics
    Alex Fedoseyev (CFD Research Corporation, USA), Marek Wartak (WLU, Waterloo)
  5. SS-CTSTEME Computational Thinking and STEM in 21st Century Education
    Julie Mueller (WLU, Waterloo), Hasan Shodiev (WLU, Waterloo)
  6. SS-DASO Data Analytics for System Optimization
    Jianhong Wu (York University), Jimmy Huang (York University), Wenying Feng (Trent University)
  7. SS-DDEMM Delay Differential Equations as Mathematical Models of Real World Phenomena
    Elena Braverman (University of Calgary), Anatoli Ivanov (Penn State University)
  8. SS-DDMDS Data-Driven Methods for Dynamical Systems
    Dimitris Giannakis (New York University), Tyrus Berry (Penn State University)
  9. SS-EBMSAHS Equation-Based Modeling: Structural Analysis and Hybrid Systems
    Ned Nedialkov (McMaster University), John Pryce (Cardiff University)
  10. SS-FCP Fractional Calculus and Probability
    József Lörinczi (Loughborough University), Mark M. Meerschaert (Michigan State University), Enrico Scalas (University of Sussex)
  11. SS-GAMCCM Geometric and Analytic Methods in Classical and Celestial Mechanics
    Manuele Santoprete (WLU, Waterloo), Lennard Bakker (Brigham Young University), Ray McLenaghan (U of Waterloo)
  12. SS-GLS Geocomputational Landscapes and Spaces
    Steven A. Roberts (WLU, Waterloo), Colin Robertson (WLU, Waterloo)
  13. SS-GTA Game Theory: Applications and Evolutionary Games
    Monica Cojocaru (University of Guelph), Joe Apaloo (St. Francis Xavier), Ross Cressman (WLU, Waterloo)
  14. SS-IACFD Immersing Approaches in Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Lakhdar Remaki (Basque Center for Applied Mathematics), François Morency (École de technologie supérieure)
  15. SS-MACHS Modeling, Analysis and Control in Hybrid Systems
    Xinzhi Liu (U of Waterloo), Mohamad Alwan (U of Waterloo), Peter Stechlinski (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  16. SS-MFMCR Mathematical Finance - Modeling, Computation and Risk Management
    Joe Campolieti (WLU, Waterloo), Adam Metzler (WLU, Waterloo)
  17. SS-MMHP The Human Placenta: Data Acquisition, Analysis, and Modeling
    Dimitri Vvedensky (Imperial College London), Simon Morgan (Imperial College London)
  18. SS-MMNN Mathematical Models for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
    Zoran Miskovic (U of Waterloo), Hamed Majedi (U of Waterloo)
  19. SS-MMPND Matrix Manifold Problems subject to Noisy Data
    Forbes Burkowski (U of Waterloo), Henry Wolkowicz (U of Waterloo)
  20. SS-MSMB Modeling & Simulation in Medicine and Biology
    Suzanne Shontz (University of Kansas), Corina Drapaca (Penn State University), Siv Sivaloganathan (U of Waterloo)
  21. SS-RALSMCL Recent Advances in Lie Symmetry Methods and Conservation Laws for Differential Equations and Applications
    M. Abudiab (Texas A&M University, USA), C.M. Khalique (North-West University, USA), M.L. Gandarias (Universidad de Cadiz, Spain)
  22. SS-SSMMBP Simulations in Soft Matter and Molecular Bio-Physics
    Cristiano Dias (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Zhaoqian Su (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Farbod Mahmoudinoba (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
  23. SS-TMN Topics in Mathematical Neuroscience
    Lydia Bilinsky (Duke University), Priscilla Greenwood (Duke University)
  24. SS-WDSEE Wealth Distribution and Statistical Equilibrium in Economics
    Enrico Scalas (University of Sussex), Bertram Düring (University of Sussex)
  25. SS-WPA Wave Propagation and Applications
    Eduard Kirr (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Nicolae Tarfulea (Purdue University Calumet), Catalin Turc (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
  26. ST-AADS Applied Analysis and Dynamical Systems
    Xingfu Zou (UWO), Dmitry Pelinovsky (McMaster), David Iron (Dalhousie)
  27. ST-ACM Applied and Computational Mechanics
    Marek Stastna (U of Waterloo), Bartek Protas (McMaster), Il Yong Kim (Queens)
  28. ST-IM Industrial Mathematics
    Huaxiong Huang (York), John Stockie (SFU), Odile Marcotte (UQAM & CRM), Sean Bohun (UOIT)
  29. ST-MB Mathematical Biology
    Frithjof Lutscher (Ottawa), Lea Popovic (Concordia), Rebecca Tyson (U of British Columbia), Connell McCluskey (WLU, Waterloo)
  30. ST-SCNA The 2nd Canadian Symposium on Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis
    Scott MacLachlan (MUN), Justin Wan (U of Waterloo), Hans de Sterck (U of Waterloo), Ben Adcock (SFU)
  31. ST-CFDSC The 23rd Conference of the CFD Society of Canada
    Lilia Krivodonova and Lucian Ivan (U of Waterloo)

Please submit your abstract via the AMMCS-CAIMS2015 Management System. If you are submitting it to a special session, please consult with a session organizer first and, after obtaining his/her consent, submit it, clearly indicating your session ID code. Otherwise, your abstract will be considered for a contributed session. Each registered participant will obtain the AMMCS-CAIMS2015 Book of Abstracts, along with the Program of the conference.

There will be also the AMMCS-CAIMS2015 refereed proceedings, published after the conference. If you intend to submit your full conference paper to the proceedings, please go to the AMMCS-CAIMS2015 Proceedings Page and follow exactly the Author Instructions accessible from that page. Only the papers presented at the conference and accepted for publication through the referring process will be published in the AMMCS-CAIMS2015 proceedings. Submission of full conference papers is not mandatory.

Extended versions of selected papers, presented at the conference, will be invited for several specialized scientific journals.